Crunchy Comic was borne from a desire to share our growing knowledge of leading a healthy and natural life with others, and to do it while having fun.

We live in an environment of Mega Corporations more interested in their bottom lines than in what goes into their food and medicines, and then into our bodies. But there is a Crunchy revolution going on, and growing every year. Are you Crunchy? How Crunchy are you? Let’s learn and laugh on this crazy journey of Healthy Living.

Who is Crunchy Comic?

Co-created by a wife and husband duo with two kids, ready to take on the world…sorta.

Anneli Hill
(Anneli is pronounced: Ahn-neh-lee)

Anneli picture

Mother with a psychology degree. Researcher. Writer. Health and medical freedom warrior and advocate.

Crunchy comic is inspired by Anneli’s healthy living journey with her family. She is a writer and the research guru for the comic.

Clifton Hill
Clifton Bio Pic

Author of Fantasy Novels and Illustrator. Writer, artist, and tech-support for Crunchy Comic. Clifton is a fantasy nut that dreams big, and hopes to one day have his very own rock climbing wall.